Seven Months

So I should have been doing his from the beginning, but starting now I’m going to create monthly updates with all the stats and happiness with baby Elijah.

IMG_0641_1IMG_0650_1Weight: 18.2

New tricks:

Elijah has gotten so good at sitting up on his own. We officially ditched the baby bathtub in exchange for a mat in the big tub and he is doing awesome! We also got this cool cup that helps keep water out of his eyes which has been a huge help.

Elijah wants to be mobile SO bad!  He is constantly diving for everything and pushes for hard on his tummy! Most of the time he ends up in a face plant and is wiggling around like a little fish trying to get himself going, but just his last week he turned this into a circular motion so he’s now spinning in circles on the ground.

What we have been up to:

Elijah’s first Easter was his last month! Grandma Cheryl came to visit and he got a big Easter basket and we took some cute Easter photos. Elijah also went on his first ever plane ride to California! He did so awesome on the airplane! We also left him overnight for the first time.  We went down to Temecula for our anniversary to do some wine tasting and sleeping while Elijah had a blast hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Rice.

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