A Vector to Motherhood

I went through a period where I wasn’t sure that I would ever want kids of my own. Or to get married for that matter.  I thought I was content and good just on my own.  I’m pretty introverted and independent so I would be fine. Or that’s what I thought. Then I met my husband while in school for air traffic control and slowly my opinions on all that started to change. The cards somehow all lined up for us to get our jobs at the same time in the same location and now here we are today married and parents to little Elijah. Just 7 or 8 years ago I wouldn’t have ever pictured this being my life, but now that life has taken me here or should I say vectored me to this life of Motherhood and wife hood I couldn’t imagine or choose anything different.  I am so appreciative every second of every day to be allowed to live this life.

That being said it has most definitely still been an adjustment to my new daily activities, my new body, and I feel like a new mind in a way.  Just living for another person is a crazy adjustment. The best one, but hard.

So what is Motherhood? It is the term that now defines all that I am, but it encompasses everything from the simple fact that I gave birth to a baby, to the fact that I love and care for this baby , to the fact that I am still a wife and a ultimately a woman who love and her family, home decor, fashion, sweets, and wine. I think to truly experience and live and love Motherhood it has to encompass everything just in a different way with a little buddy to show it all to now.

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