• When an unmedicated or natural birth is your goal there seems to be so much preparation that goes into it.  There are a gazillion books and classes and practicing and preparing and planning it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and overworked before labor even starts! This was me the first time around.  I took Hypnobirthing,… [Continue Reading]

    Tips for an Unmedicated Labor and Birth
  • I’ve got mixed emotions about cleaning and having a clean home. On the one hand having everything clean and in its place makes me feel more at peace and clear headed. On the other hand I hate the time it takes. I don’t want to spend my days cleaning while my boys are playing and… [Continue Reading]

    How to Have  Cleaner Home Without Spending Your Days Cleaning
  • The grocery store is one place we all frequent.  We need to eat.   So this is a great place to start to think about how we can make better choices for our health and environment.  I have a few things I have been doing to make my grocery trips healthier and more eco friendly.… [Continue Reading]

    Sustainable Grocery Trips
  • About 10 months ago we made the transition to a vegan diet. (More on that here.)  We did this primarily for health reasons and I have loved every minute of it with no intentions of ever going back.  Since making this transition for health, it has been also unavoidable to learn more and more of… [Continue Reading]

    My Journey to a More Sustainable Life
  • We are leaving the newborn stage for good and it is so bittersweet. I will miss so much the tiny baby snuggles and the newness of having a newborn, but I am also so excited to see what’s in store for both of my boys. Isaiah is 13 lbs and wearing 3 month size clothes.… [Continue Reading]

    Bye Bye Newborn Stage
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