About Me


Hi! My name is Stephanie. I am a wife, new mom to an adorable little boy, and a full time air traffic controller. My husband Daniel and I have both been air traffic controllers for about five years now in New Mexico. We met in college in Arizona and amazingly got the same job location at the the same time! We were married in 2015 and had our sweet little boy Elijah October 2016 and were so in love with that sweet goofy boy. We are also proud parents to two 130 pound English mastiff rescues, Silas and Allie.

About the blog

As an air traffic controller a vector is a turn we give an airplane to either guide them to their destination or keep them clear of other airplanes. My career led me to my husband and son and thus vectored me to motherhood. This blog is a compilation of everything that is motherhood – from the trials and tribulations that we go through with our babies(and making those easier), to the exciting, fun activities we get to do with them. ¬†Also, because I’m a firm believer that we can’t be the best moms without first being a woman and a wife, it’s also a compilation of home decor, fashion, and wellness!