Enjoying a Summer Pregnancy

First of all notice the title here.  “Enjoying” instead of “surviving” or “getting through”.  Anyone who knows you are going through a summer pregnancy is going to have something to say about how awful it is.  And sort of for good reason.  Extra weight, blood, swelling, etc are not exactly summer fun list items. However, there are plenty of  ways and reasons to love  a summer pregnancy.

Water, water, and more water!

This is important whether it’s summer or not, but when it’s hot you have to stay extra hydrated. It affects your ability to handle the heat, swelling, your skin, and pretty much everything else.

On the topic of water, find a pool! Or beach!

A dip in a pool can be so refreshing on a pregnant body.  The cool water and the weightlessness you feel do wonders for your body and mind!  If you don’t have a pool, check out the public pools or, if you’re able to, get away for a night to a local hotel with a nice pool.  Sandia Resort, Buffalo Thunder, and Tamaya are great Albuquerque options! But if you can get out of town to the beach even better! This is also a reason to love a summer pregnancy! The water weightlessness relief from carrying around that bump is wonderful and you don’t get pool time in a winter pregnancy!

Dress comfortably!


Summer maternity wear is so much more fun than winter wear.  Shorts, dresses, overalls- they are all so cute with a bump! Plus they are way comfier than jeans when you are just getting bigger and bigger! Shoes are another one here.  In the summer it’s sandals all the way which allow some room for foot swelling!  Winter  boots can make the swelling even worse!


So not that you can’t enjoy these during the winter, but as a way to enjoy your summer pregnancy find some great mocktail recipes.  I know I always miss not having a drink by the pool or at a summer barbeque, or just a glass of rose on the patio at night.  A mocktail is way more fun than water and a nice little treat!

Although I don’t have the experience of  a winter pregnancy, I have loved being pregnant in the summer! I’m also not going to be having anymore pregnancies, but if I did plan one, it would be in the summer!

Walking/Staying Active

I know you can stay active during the winter too, but I find that we are so much more active and consistent when we can include outdoor activities like walking to our routine.  It can be really easy to just bundle up on the couch in the cold winter, but there’s something about summer that makes us want to get up and get outside which helps to stay active and prep for the labor and birth marathon!

When were your pregnancies, and did you enjoy the time of year?

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