9 Weeks

9 weeks

How far: 9 weeks
Baby’s Size: Size of a cherry
How I’m Feeling: Tired, tired, tired.  (Does the picture give that away at all with my no makeup and circles, and bags?) Not quite as nauseous but that creeps up every once in a while too.
Cravings?: None.
Aversions?: Coffee.
Working out?: Lots of walks.
Favorite moment of the week: Going to a plant based vegan diet.  I feel like this has helped a lot with the nausea, and I’m excited about the health benefits going forward for all of us. Also, getting baby chicks! Not sure about the eggs yet, but they will be great for Elijah to grow up with.
Maternity clothes?: Not yet, but with the way it looks like this belly’s growing probably sooner than later.


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