6 week update


How far: 6 weeks as of March 21

Baby’s Size: 1/4 inch long and the size of a lentil.

Weight gained: None yet!

How I’m Feeling: Tired! Elijah has not slept all week! Poor little baby has been sick with Hand Foot and Mouth. I’ve also been nauseous here and there with an upset stomach.

Cravings?: Croissants. Probably just due to the upset stomach.

Aversions?: Not really. Maybe yogurt and milk.

Working out?: Just walking around the neighborhood.  With no sleep and morning nausea, the gym is pretty hard to do at 5 am now.

Favorite moment of the week: We had nice enough weather to actually go on a long walk along the trail by our house with even nicer weather in the forecast for today!

Maternity clothes?: Nope!



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