• So I wrote the majority of this at 6 weeks but I’m finishing and posting at 8 weeks because holidays and family visits and mostly a baby who sleeps in 15 minute increments unless someone is holding him. Officially 6 weeks and 2 hours postpartum as I write this update laying in bed holding Isaiah… [Continue Reading]

    Postpartum Update – 6 Weeks – And All the Things to Know Including a Shopping List
  • Hey guys! For this new year I have decided to try to put my shopping love to some good use and share more clothing and other finds on the blog! I recently tried out Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe and thought that would be a good place to start! If you haven’t heard of it Prime… [Continue Reading]

    Amazon Prime Wardrobe
  • I might be up when the clock strikes 12 this New Years but it won’t be in a fancy dress at a party, I won’t be drinking champagne, and the only thing I’ll watch drop will be a dirty diaper into the trash. And you know what? I’m totally fine it. Just a few short… [Continue Reading]

    In Bed by 9 for New Years and Good With it – Embracing Your Season of Life
  • Getting this up just a little late but that’s pretty much life with two – just running a little behind the curve all the time. We’re running with so much love from this new little boy though so it’s okay. Isaiah is doing so good. He is perfectly healthy and growing so well! His one… [Continue Reading]

    Isaiah is 1 Month
  • I think this will forever be one of my favorite stories of my life to tell, read, and relive. It was truly an amazing event. Welcoming my first baby into the world will always hold such a special place in my heart, but there was something just as special to Isaiah’s birth. My whole pregnancy… [Continue Reading]

    Isaiah’s Birth Story
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