• About 10 months ago we made the transition to a vegan diet. (More on that here.)  We did this primarily for health reasons and I have loved every minute of it with no intentions of ever going back.  Since making this transition for health, it has been also unavoidable to learn more and more of… [Continue Reading]

    My Journey to a More Sustainable Life
  • We are leaving the newborn stage for good and it is so bittersweet. I will miss so much the tiny baby snuggles and the newness of having a newborn, but I am also so excited to see what’s in store for both of my boys. Isaiah is 13 lbs and wearing 3 month size clothes.… [Continue Reading]

    Bye Bye Newborn Stage
  • I feel like I hear about and read about all these babies sleeping these great long stretches right off the bat.  It almost seems like something we are striving to or obligated to say.  My baby is a great sleeper.  Everyone always asks when they meet the baby if they are a good sleeper, and… [Continue Reading]

    My Newborn Doesn’t Need to Sleep 8 Hour Stretches
  • We just finished up two month shots this week complete with the fever and crankiness that comes with them. Hard to believe it’s been two months already! This is such a rewarding time. Isaiah had started to really smile, coo, and just be so interactive. He’s almost giggling already too! We were starting to do… [Continue Reading]

    Two Months
  • So I wrote the majority of this at 6 weeks but I’m finishing and posting at 8 weeks because holidays and family visits and mostly a baby who sleeps in 15 minute increments unless someone is holding him. Officially 6 weeks and 2 hours postpartum as I write this update laying in bed holding Isaiah… [Continue Reading]

    Postpartum Update – 6 Weeks – And All the Things to Know Including a Shopping List
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