21 Weeks

How Far: 21 weeks Size of baby:  Banana Pregnancy Symptoms: Back aches and round ligament pain from carrying around Elijah. Plus exhaustion.  Other than that and the growing belly not much. Cravings and Aversions: Not much here. Same as with Elijah here and there something will sound good, but no real cravings.  The coffee aversion… Read More 21 Weeks


20 Weeks

It’s been forever since I’ve gotten an update done on here!  Between 6 day work weeks and pregnancy brain I just can’t seem to remember to take the picture! How far: 20 weeks – halfway already! Baby size: Banana or cantalope Pregnancy symptoms: Back pain and round ligament pain are in full force already.  Carrying a… Read More 20 Weeks


14 Weeks

How far: 14 weeks Baby’s Size: Size of a lemon How I’m Feeling: Pretty good Cravings?: Bruschetta and pickles Aversions?: Coffee smell still gets to me a little but I’ve been able to drink it more. Working out?: Just my 25 lb body weight named Elijah Favorite moment of the week: We went to California… Read More 14 Weeks


12 Weeks

How far: 12 weeks Baby’s Size: Size of a plum ( Daniel is the one who knows all of these by the way.) How I’m Feeling: Tired, but it’s getting better Cravings?: None.  Aversions?: Coffee.  Working out?: Just my 25 lb body weight Favorite moment of the week: ABQ Mom’s Blog Bloom event. I have… Read More 12 Weeks


11 Weeks

How far: 11weeks Baby’s Size: Size of a fig How I’m Feeling: Tired. Elijah started sleeping better and then got super sick, so I pretty much carried a 25lb weight around for 3 days straight. But he’s all better now so more than worth it! Plus, the extra couch snuggles are sweet. Cravings?: None. Except… Read More 11 Weeks