• Post disclaimer:  I am in no way a medical professional and so this is not meant to be any sort of medical advice.  Also, I am in no way trying to convince anyone of the right way to eat or live, nor am I asking for opinions.  I’m sharing our story and would be more… [Continue Reading]

    8 Months Vegan – Why We Did it and How it’s Going
  • Can’t believe it’s been four weeks already! This means it’s been four weeks since I’ve slept because Isaiah is not up for sleeping unless someone is holding him. Everyone always talks about how terrible the newborn 2-3 hour schedule is tough and that sounds like a dream come true to me right now. Anyway this… [Continue Reading]

    Postpartum Update – 4 Weeks
  • I started this post prior to going into labor and just never posted it so I figured I would edit to what I actually needed vs what I brought. Last time, I gave birth in the hospital and brought so much stuff! To be fair, we were having an induction and ended up being in… [Continue Reading]

    Birth Center Bag – What I Packed, What I Actually Used
  • This week was our week to settle in as a family of four. Our visitors were gone with no one coming until maybe Christmas. We also had a little bit of cabin fever set in this week. While it’s been nice to have the time st home, we are not used to it and so… [Continue Reading]

    Postpartum Update – 3 Weeks
  • This second week was a rough one and fun one all in one. Isaiah had a lip tie revision, firmly established that he wasn’t going be a sleeper, we had the best newborn photo session, and Daniels parents came for a thanksgiving visit. Physical Still sore and tired. Bleeding is slowing down but still there… [Continue Reading]

    Postpartum update – 2 Weeks
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